Pilapil Visions

by Marcus Hinojos


Recently I watched two Graffiti Documentaries, "Exit Through The Gift Shop" and a Banksy VS. Robbo graffiti war documentary. I got really interested and intrigued by this type of art. So I decided to ask an actual artist about his work. San Jose, California artist Allan Pilapil recently went all over Downtown San Jose and placed his pieces of work throughout the area. Originally wanting to keep his pieces of art, Pilapil says he randomly had this urge to place ALL of his art in Downtown SJ. Pilapil placed every piece of art he has created downtown and has not kept a single piece. The feeling of wanting to show off his work downtown may have been random, but the artworks are placed accordingly. Each paining has a meaning. For example he put this piece, "Money Talks" by a bank and busy street corner.

   "Money Talks"    by:  Allan Pilapil     30''x40''

"Money Talks" by: Allan Pilapil


This isn't the first time Allan Pilapil displayed his art where he wasn't necessarily was supposed to.  Pilapil often visits museums and galleries in San Jose and puts up his work for display without permission. The most recent one being at the DeYoung Museum. Allan says he usually puts his works on gallery floors hoping a gallery visitor may think it have fallen or think it is on the floor to give a message or tell a story. Lookout for Allan Pilapil's signature spray paint backgrounds and acrylic pieces on street corners, slipped over no parking signs, hanging on fences and galleries all over the San Jose area. 

  Allan Pilapil    12''x15''

Allan Pilapil


  Allan Pilapil   12''x15''

Allan Pilapil