Behind The Design: “Pig Patrol” Tee

by Marcus Hinojos

Whether it's  a simple logo on your shirt or a bold graphic,chances are you are probably going to get asked "What does that stand for?" or "What is that supposed to mean?" Sometimes it's just a logo or design  and sometimes there's a meaning behind it. (Serious or not)

  When the Ferguson shooting happened news surrounding  the incident was everywhere. Black lives matter became a movement and riots were happening basically every night. That is when I knew I wanted to make a shirt,a shirt that had a graphic with a message 

  At first the idea of making a shirt related to law enforcement was meant to have a serious message with a eye catching graphic. But to me that wasn't S2N. At the same time,I realized cops lives are now targeted because of everything going on. 

  Everyone knows the analogy of cops and pigs,so I ran with this idea. I was looking for inspiration and found this adult (YouTube it and you'll see what I mean by adult) movie "Fritz the Cat" it had these pigs as cops and I knew that was it. (Since I'm going to have to explain when you watch the clip; I just came across the movie by a simple pig cop search.)With cops literally having to watch their backs,that is why the donut is being thrown at a cop. (Could represent a bullet for all the ruthless homies out there) Thus the Pig Patrol graphic was born. In other words, a serious topic flipped to a fun graphic.