eTc Tacoma LikeItOrNot Podcast

by Marcus Hinojos

The homies from eTc Tacoma have a podcast titled "LikeItOrNot". Hosted by "That Guy" (If you know,you know) and Co-Hosted by one of the main S2N homies, A-Hyp. Looking to shed light on friends of Hyp's that are overlooked from art to music LikeItOrNot blends a little bit of everything into each episode including Tacoma's rich culture. It's very rare to find a place where people are doing what they love purely out of passion and not for the purpose for a quick buck, and Tacoma,WA is definitely one of those places. Follow eTc on Instagram,Twitter and soundcloud (@eTcTacoma) for a true organic taste of culture. Last but not least, listen to one of our favorite episodes featuring none other than our main man A-Hyp.