What's Next?

by Marcus Hinojos

     Well....a month has passed and we're already in the second month of 2017.  This post is definitely over due but oh well life happens. 

     2016 was the year Second 2 None LMTD. was focused on finding its true self and it's true identity. Not only finding the true S2N and it's look but also showcasing and expressing it. Hence the new logo. 

     All the new prices that have dropped were never supposed to happen...ever. Then one day the opportunity for a pop up came about and well...you need clothes for a shop. So in 3 months a warehouse garage was turned into a Pop up shop / Art gallery and 4 new pieces were designed and produced. 

hoodie detail.jpg

     These pieces are meant to show that true S2N quality and identity. From embroidery to print each piece is made with precision. You have your more mature pieces such as the Gen. 2 hoodie and the Infinity Logo pocket tee (which is sample tee,but black) and then you have some of your playful pieces like the Money Hungry Tee. With the cherry on top being the monogram snapback. 

     With all that being said be sure to keep following S2N. Nothing can be promised but good clothes and good vibes. Also Look out for a few pieces for the warmer seasons ahead!